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Business Process Extension

SAP Document Access and Archiving by Open Text

Touchworld’s implementation services for SAP Document Access & Archiving can help you in

  • • Instant Information Access Provide a single point of access to all business information no matter where it originates or what form it takes - from SAP or non-SAP sources. Provide 360 degree view to all information without leaving the SAP application. Easily handle unstructured content, ranging from paper documents to e-mail, and incorporate it into your core SAP enterprise applications.
  • • Reduce IT Costs Reduce storage costs by capturing electronic and paper content in a secure archive, while maintaining easy accessibility with lower-cost storage media. Optimize system performance by offloading older data to reduce administration effort and accelerate system upgrades and IT consolidation.
  • • Reduce risk and increase compliance Minimize risk by improving process transparency and capturing and managing vital content related to a business process and the associated document audit trail. Meet electronic document retention requirements with secure, compliant long term storage of archived data in durable and unalterable form.
  • • High Scalability Improve departmental process by integrating content within core business processes to increase responsiveness and efficiency.
  • • Understanding the importance of knowledge transfer

SAP Incentive Administration by Vistex

By implementing SAP Incentive Administration by Vistex, Touchworld can help you with:

  • • Streamlining Incentive Management SAP Incentive Administration streamlines incentive compensation management processes, prevents overpayments, and can achieve extensive savings in labor costs. It can also provide full life cycle support for business-critical order-to-cash sub-processes, such as sales commissions, broker fees, royalty payments, sales and purchasing performance-based rebate-type incentives.

SAP Paybacks & Chargebacks by Vistex

By implementing SAP Paybacks & Chargebacks Solution, Touchworld can help you with:

  • • Managing the Entire Paybacks and Chargebacks Life Cycle SAP Paybacks and Chargebacks addresses the entire spectrum of these processes, from program inception and bill-back claims adjudication to real-time financial postings and advanced reporting and analytics. You can manage the entire payback or chargeback rebate process life cycle, from claim initiation and receipt through adjudication, accrual, settlement, and post-settlement adjustment.
  • • Managing Complex Transactions Easily You can easily manage the complexities of trade spending, provide a key service to channel/trading partners, and strengthen your ability to compete and grow profitably

ABAP Custom Development

  • • Development of custom add-on modules within various industry verticals
  • • Creating and configuring workflow scenarios
  • • Web enabling SAP applications using BSP / ABAPWebDynpro technology
  • • Design and development of forms using Adobe
  • • Document Services and SmartForms
  • • Migration of SAP Script
  • • Upgrade Checks
  • • Enhancing standard SAP Applications
  • • Migration of legacy data using standard SAP and custom methods