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Dashboard Advantage

Dashboards Advantage are an SAP BW and SAP Business Objects based pre-packaged management dashboards for key insight into the business and to track performance. The visually rich dashboards present aggregated data from SAP ERP and non-SAP systems like databases and spreadsheets.

product overview


Bundled Content, Feature Rich, Standalone & Portal based and Multiple Data Sources


  • • Move from Person Dependent to System Dependent.
  • • Data Visualization: Share the insight of data with the business users across Organization.
  • • Better UI: Dash boards give the bigger picture of the data in measurable terms.
  • • Better Decision making through sharing of multidimensional data across Organization.
  • • Dependencies: Less dependencies on the IT support for the data.
  • • Single Platform for the Enterprise: Runs on SAP NetWeaver BI and Business Object and leverages your existing SAP ERP implementation.