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Interactive Advantage

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SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe extends the power of SAP solutions with the versatility and accessibility of collaborative electronic forms documentation. It enables you to streamline and automate your paper-based business processes, as well as to extend the reach of enterprise applications to company executives, partners, customers, and suppliers.

SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe – How it works?

  • • Complete a form with the Adobe Reader software while online or offline
  • • Role based pre-population of dataRole based pre-population of data
  • • Online and offline
  • • Submit by email, upload or portal based workflows
  • • The system automatically transfers the data from the form to the SAP application using XML

Interactive Forms Scenarios


Interactive Advantage: Sales and Marketing - Process Improvements


Vendor Payments - Slow and error-prone

  • • Invoices received in paper forms
  • • Data re-entry in ERP system
  • • Payment runs

Employee Re-imbursements - slow and non-uniform work load

  • • Employee have to spend time while in office to file reimbursement
  • • Delayed reimbursement fillings leading to reimbursement pile-ups towards the month or quarter end
  • • Productivity of the employees reduced. Filling cumbersome forms instead of performing business tasks

Govenrment and legal compliance

  • • Re-enter the information in various regulatory forms
  • • Archiving huge number of paper records


Efficient Vendor Payments

  • • Adode forms based invoices directly triggering the workflows for approval
  • • No Data re-entry.Faster payment runs

Faster Employee Re-imbursements and uniform work load

  • • Offline forms for travel re-imbursements
  • • Improved productivity. Can be filled anywhere even without access to SAP system
  • • Reduced reimbursement pile-ups. Uniform distribution

Government and legal compliance

  • • Automatic creation of regulatory forms
  • • Can be archived in soft PDF format


Sales and Service order entry and reporting - Slow and error-prone

  • • No remote or offline access, re-typing and error prone
  • • No standard and automated way to capture sales reports from dealers and sales force
  • • Complex and time consuming order entry forms

Administartive Processes - slow and time consuimg

  • • Sales executives spending a lot of time in filing expense reports,travel reports and other administrative work
  • • Producitivity of the employees reduced. Filling cumbersome forms instead of generating business

Ineffective Lead management

  • • Loss of leads due to non-accessibility of system remotely
  • • Slower lead response time


Fast, simple and accurate Sales and Service order entry and reporting

  • • Simple interactive PDF offline forms for automated order entry and reporting
  • • Standard reporting formats without need to reenter the data in mulitiple systems

Easy and automated administrative Processes

  • • Sales executives using easy and automated processes with Adobe offline forms for filling expense reports , travel reports and other administartive work
  • • Concentrating on business generation.No or very little time consumes in administrative processes

Effective Lead Management

  • • Offline and remote forms enable accurate capture of lead in right format and in time
  • • Faster lead response time