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mDashboards is a SAP NetWeaver Mobile 7.1 based solution for users to view reports, dashboards, critical alerts and information from SAP ERP and BW on their mobile. The existing SAP ERP and BW reports are broadcast to the end user and the client application has features to perform sort, filter, sum and view graphs on the hand held itself. It supports all popular devices and mobile operating systems and is built as a framework that can mobilize any existing and future reports with only configuration and not development effort.

product overview


Single Solution for ERP and BW, Feature Rich, Low TCO and Preconfigured Reports


  • • Better Decision-Making: Critical business analytics information from the SAP ERP and BW enables on the go executives to take informed and better decisions
  • • Increased Productivity: The executives always carry the real-time information from SAP ERP which enhances their productivity while at field in answering queries from business partners
  • • Enhanced Business Partner Satisfaction: With Real-Time information executives can respond to their business partner requests on the spot and hence increase their satisfaction
  • • Rapid ROI and Reduced TCO: Single Solution for mobilizing both SAP ERP and SAP BI reports on most commonly used mobile devices reduces TCO