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mSFA (Mobile Sales Force Automation) is a SAP NetWeaver Mobile 7.1 based solution that empowers the field sales force with ondemand access to your SAP ERP system. The power of mobility provides more time to sell, thereby enhancing your sales team productivity. mSFA is capable of handling complete Sales Order processing, provides instant access to ATP inventory, customer account information, available credit and shipping details etc. The application runs on all mobile phones based on Symbian S60 platform and also on Blackberry and Windows based mobile devices.

product overview


Available to Promise Inventory, Sales Order Management, Order Status and Confirmation, Manage Deliveries, Payment Collection, Route Plan & Daily Tasks, Account & Contact Management and Offline & Near Online Support


  • • Better Decision-Making: Empower your sales force with instant access to complete, relevant, and up-to-date information
  • • Increased Productivity: Provide field employees with relevant information and insight
  • • Responding quickly to sales opportunities and payment collections
  • • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Respond to customer queries on the spot, hence shorten sales cycle
  • • Empowered Field Resources: Enable seamless real time data flow between mobile employees and the central office
  • • Accurate Updates: Increase visibility into field sales activities