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Partner Portal for Dealers

Touchworld’s Partner Portal for dealers provides dealers access to mySAP ERP data in real time via SAP NetWeaver Portal. This solution enables our customer and its dealers to function more efficiently and collaborate with each other better. In addition, our customer saves costs involved in managing a dealer support center and the time consumed to get and update data in the mySAP ERP reduces drastically.

product overview


Collaborative Order Management, Collaborative Inventory Management, Product Catalog and Pricing, Status Reports, Dealer Offers and News, Self Service, Alerts and Notification.


  • • The dealer and our customer now have the same view of the data in real time.
  • • The costs incurred in maintaining Dealer Support Center will come down drastically as this will only be required in case Dealers are not able to access the portal
  • • The new process is completely automated hence the chances of errors due to manual interaction will become nil.

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